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Violin Teacher Serving Ann Arbor, MI

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  • "Ms. Debbie is currently teaching my 8 and 5 year old children. She is kind and patient. She uses games and rewards to make violin fun, especially for the younger one. She is also very flexible and accommodating at scheduling. I highly recommend her!"      -  Suzanne Ma

  • “Debbie has been teaching my son how to play violin for over five years. He is a shy and sensitive kid, but he felt immediately comfortable with her. She has a calm, sweet demeanor and is infinitely patient with him. She is encouraging and positive and truly interested in his life outside of his 

violin lessons. Debbie has been willing to help my son learn pieces that are not offered in the Suzuki books, which helps him stay motivated and is very satisfying for him. She is a kind, generous and dedicated teacher. We are lucky to have found her!"     -  Kate Hanson

  • “Debbie is such a wonderful teacher. She is so gentle and kind. My daughter is motivated to practice and really enjoys each lesson."     -  Rachel White

  • "Debbie has always exhibited great patience and compassion when working with my children. She is very respectful when speaking with her students and takes the time to truly listen to their thoughts and ideas. She is very approachable and welcoming. Debbie is gifted at meeting the diverse learning abilities in a classroom. She works hard to ensure her students are successful by creating and utilizing numerous games and activities. She does an excellent job managing groups of children by keeping them engaged and involved."   
    -  Sarah Anderson

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